Photo Of The Month Winner:

Alex Isenberger


Theme: Nature Vs. Man

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Riverside, CA / @dom_afternoon
Runner Up:


Riverside, CA

Bushwick, NY / @anouk.lysenko
Honorable Mention:

Anna Lysenko

Bushwick, NY

Bushwick, NY / @anouk.lysenko

Next Months Theme:


For the month of June the theme is TBA.
Please submit your TBA-themed photographs to by June 30, 2023.

About Photo Of The Month

Each month we will be selecting a viewer submitted photo to showcase in our social media outlets. The winning photo will be picked on the 1st - 7th of the month and the winning photographer will be awarded a Brixton prize package valued at $250.

Submission Guidelines

  • The size formatting is 1200 pixels in width - Photos smaller than this will not be considered.
  • All photographs must be original, taken by or of the contestant submitting the photo.
  • Name your submission your first and last name. Example: john_doe_1.jpg
  • Let us know where you're from, and if you're on Instagram, include your handle and we'll tag in our post.
  • Photos do not have to contain a Brixton product, but it will not hurt your chances of winning.
  • Get creative and send it all to

Please read and understand Disclaimer below before submission

I hereby certify that the photo I am about to submit for the (BRIXTON PHOTO OF THE MONTH CONTEST) is my original work and has never been copyrighted or, if copyrighted, that I am the sole copyright owner. I am entering this photo as an honest and true effort of my personal creativity and unique artistic vision, and I understand that it will be published on the Internet as my original work and under my own copyright. I understand that my submission will be reviewed before it is accepted for the contest. If my photo is offensive, artificially enhanced, a studio image, animation/artwork, or of poor image quality, then it may be disqualified. Winners will be notified via email prior to announcement on

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