Our Footprint Matters

Brixton is committed to reducing our environmental footprint by creating timeless style with durability and sustainability at the heart of everything we create.

Brixton’s sustainability commitment is put to practice though a variety of initiatives that minimize our carbon footprint. In building timeless style with durability in mind, we seek to outlast trends to keep our products out of landfills by extending their lifecycle. Our sustainability commitment is that our products are built as renewably as possible from the outset. By utilizing Responsible Wool Standrds, up-cycling the ocean’s cruelest enemy - discarded fishing nets – in our snapback hats, and using recycled synthetic fibers, we strive to build every product we create with a sustainable approach. Our commitment continues. After products are manufactured, we ship them in biodegradable bags and 100% recycled boxes to ensure every part of our process takes the planet into account.

Timeless Style,
Built to Last

Our clothes are built to last. Products designed with timeless style and durability in mind, we seek to outlast trends and keep our products out of landfills. Pieces built to last decades, not seasons.

Wool Standards

The material we use has been officially recognized by the Textile Exchange for Responsible Wool Standards, a voluntary standard that ensures the ethical treatment of the animals from which it is sourced. The wool used across all of our headwear meets this certification.

Our Snapbacks
Are Made With
Fishing Nets

NetPlus® is a recycled material derived from ocean-strewn plastic fishing nets. By using NetPlus® in our visors, we’re helping to clean up one of the world’s most precious resources.

Tackling Plastic
Pollution Head-on

Partnering with NetPlus® with the combined mission to re-use existing waste and reduce the need for new plastics.

35% of our apparel
is made with
sustainable fibers.

One of our sustainable material partners is REPREVE® who recycle discarded consumer plastics to create functional and durable material with moisture-wicking and adaptive qualities. And they are just one example the continual strides we’re taking to make a positive impact on the environment.

Custom tri-blend
vegan flannel

Brixton’s iconic Bowery flannel is made from a tri-blend construction that is entirely wool-free.

The result is a soft and comfortable flannel that's as durable as one of traditional milled wool. The best of both worlds.

Plastic bags

Unlike what’s in it, this bag won’t last forever. It’s made with a technology that breaks down the plastic used in it. So with a little help from light, air, and heat, this bag will become non-toxic soil.