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Brixton Classics
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Brixton Classics
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Women's Jackets

Shop this season’s women’s jackets from Brixton online. Whether you’re looking for a lightweight blazer or a heavyweight winter coat, we have a range of stunning, stylish jackets for women to suit every occasion. 

Each of our Brixton jackets has been crafted using only the highest quality materials and timeless designs. For a casual fit, consider our embroidered vintage denim jackets. Pair them with jeans for a monochromatic look, and complete your outfit with one of our straw hats for a Western aesthetic. 

Looking for something more formal? Put a fresh spin on a 90s classic with our oversized plaid blazers. Pair them with matching bottoms, corduroys, or a skirt and a clean white tank top for the ultimate homage to preppy chic. Want to add a little more edge and contrast to your fit? Top it off with one of our fedoras for a more hipster twist.

Prefer something a little more functional and outgoing? Consider our corduroy workwear-inspired jackets that are perfect for days when you want to be warm and cozy, but still enjoy the freedom of a relaxed fit and convenient welt pockets to store your small essentials. Even better, go for our reversible corduroy bomber jacket for maximum versatility in the way you can wear and style it. With two different colors to choose from, this bomber jacket goes with almost everything, from plain black chinos to wide-leg plaid trousers, you can dress it up and down as much as you please. 

And if a more heavy-duty jacket is what you’re looking for, don’t miss one of our bestsellers, the quilted Cass women’s jacket. Taking inspiration from men’s military-style attire, this weather-resistant jacket is the best heavy-duty accessory whether you’re spending the day exploring a new city, camping, or simply running errands. 

Don’t particularly like wearing a bulky, heavyweight jacket or coat? Don’t worry, we have you covered on that too (both literally and figuratively). Resembling a classic overshirt more than a jacket, our lightweight Utopia option is great for cooler summer evenings, or layering over your favorite comfy casual outfit. Made with 100% cotton, this jacket isn’t just light, it’s breathable and extremely easy to maintain. The straight-hem and clean lines created by this jacket make it ideal for pairing with almost any outfit. From cargo pants to dresses, and cool spring mornings to late summer nights, this jacket is bound to become a staple in your wardrobe.

Timeless Style from Brixton

At Brixton, we prioritize timeless fashion and essential pieces above chasing the ever-changing trends of fast fashion. That’s why each jacket in our collection is designed to be current and in style no matter the year or season. So whether you’re looking for a new statement piece to add to your closet, or just want a warm, functional everyday jacket you know you can rely on, we have the perfect piece for you. 

Browse our versatile collection of jackets online today, and don’t forget to check out our other essential pieces including tops, bottoms, hats, and accessories to make every outfit a fashion statement.