The Classic Look: Brixton's Timeless Golf Hat Styles for Every Golfer

The Classic Look: Brixton's Timeless Golf Hat Styles for Every Golfer

May 24, 2023

Looking for the best hats for golfers like you? Discover the history of the accessory and how to pair a golf hat perfectly with your golfing attire, every time.

Whether you’re a pro or a novice, a Ben Hogan fan or a Tiger Woods enthusiast, you’ve undoubtedly noticed the integral role played by the humble golf hat. 

Although the 80s were all about the hair, both on and off the course, and hats hadn’t been a particularly standout feature in pro golf up until that point, that all changed the very next decade. Be it practicality, fashion, or simply an opportunity to advertise on the head of your favorite pro golfer, the popularity of the golfing hat took off.

Today, golfers still share that same enthusiasm and individuality when it comes to hats. However, the sheer variety of styles available can easily become confusing and difficult to choose from. 

That’s why we’ve compiled this guide to the best hats for golfers, as well as where and how you should wear them.

The Golf Hat - A Staple of Golfing Attire

Sun hats for golfers have become a staple of golf fashion. Today they serve several useful purposes besides making a style statement for their wearers. 

Some of the most practical benefits of wearing a golf hat include: 

  • Sun protection. Keeping the sun off your face isn’t just good for your skin, it’s great for your eyesight and can significantly help improve your game if glare interferes with your view. 

  • Sweat absorption. As leisurely as it may seem, golf can be a sweaty sport, especially if you’re playing in the mid-morning or afternoon. The right hat will help absorb sweat so your forehead stays cool and drip-free. 

  • Hair control. For those with long hair, a golf hat is a great way to keep it out of your eyes while you play. 

Men's Newboy Caps Hunter Straw Hat

Golf Hat Etiquette

Although golf hats are a great golfing accessory, there are a few rules to keep in mind.1 

  • Always remove your hat indoors. When entering a clubhouse, restaurant, pro shop, locker room, or other indoor areas on a golf course, the polite thing to do is remove your hat out of respect for other patrons.

  • Wear your hat forward. Wearing your hat with the bill facing backward or sideways is considered inappropriate in and around a golf course, and could be seen as disrespectful by other players. 

Tee Off in Style With Brixton’s Golf Hat Collection

There are numerous types of golf hats to choose from when searching for your perfect golfing headwear. Some of our Brixton favorites include:

The Flat Cap

An ode to the likes of Ben Hogan, the Hooligan Flat Cap is a whimsical, lightweight take on the traditional flat cap. Its short brim and comfortable cotton material make it perfect for chilly morning games. Pair with a sophisticated button-down and chino pants to complete your classic look.

The Snapback

As one of the most popular golf hat options, you can’t go wrong with a trusty snapback. Offering ample sun protection and an adjustable, snug fit, the Linwood NetPlus Snapback and Crest NetPlus Mesh Cap are two excellent choices for sunny days on the green. 

The Newsboy Cap

Opt for a day of elegant nostalgia with our Brood Newsboy Cap, perfect for feeling like a seasoned golf veteran both on and off the course. Pair the cap with a monochrome, light-colored golfing shirt and shorts for a playful, classic look. 

The Fedora

Stand out from the crowd with a stately fedora like the Hunter Straw Fedora, ideal for warm days where sun protection and breathability are key. Wear with golfing shorts and a button-down for a laidback yet put-together look.

Men's Straw Headwear Men's Snapbacks

Choosing the Perfect Golf Hat Style for You

Thanks to the wide range of hats and caps worn by pro golfers, the definition of the classic golf hat is equally as varied. So when it comes to choosing the perfect golf hat for you, it’s more about choosing something that fits your personal preferences than simply opting for the most appropriate choice. 

Here are a few tips to help you decide what works for you: 

  • Consider the material. Your hat’s material can greatly influence its purpose and comfortability. Golf hats of straw or other breathable materials are great for hot, sunny days, while a wool hat is better suited to early morning games in cool weather.

  • Look for a good fit. Choose a hat that fits comfortably and securely on your head. Otherwise, your hat may serve as a distraction or discomfort while playing your game. 

  • Match the style to your outfit. Follow in the footsteps of many pros before you and consider matching your hat to the style and color of your golfing attire. A traditional golfing outfit will be better suited by a golf cap or fedora, while a bolder outfit could be complemented better by a more unique design and brighter color choice. 

  • Showcase your personality. Your golf hat is an opportunity to showcase your personal style and personality. Don't be afraid to choose a hat that is unique and reflects your individuality.

  • Make it practical. If you’re looking for a functional hat, make sure it caters to all your needs including sun protection and sweat absorption, while still complementing your individual style. 

To find the perfect hat for your next game, browse our collection of golfing hats online today.



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May 24, 2023
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The Classic Look: Brixton's Timeless Golf Hat Styles for Every Golfer

The Classic Look: Brixton's Timeless Golf Hat Styles for Every Golfer

Looking for the best hats for golfers like you? Discover the history of the accessory and how to pair a golf hat perfectly with your golfing attire, every time.

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