Mother's Day with Francesca Elmore
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Mother's Day with Francesca Elmore

April 28, 2022
We sat down with our Friend Fran Elmore, a California native and works as a professional hair and make-up artist to give some insight on what motherhood means to her.

What does motherhood mean to you?

Motherhood means being a constant source of love and protection. It starts between mother and child, but transcends beyond that and flows abundantly into every other aspect of life. The journey so far has cracked my heart open to so much more love than I've ever known, and it just keeps growing more each day.

What inspired your son’s name?

While I was pregnant, it felt like the world needed a little harmony.

How do you balance mom life, personal and work? What do you do when you get free time?

I'm still figuring this one out, it can be so difficult! I try to just go with the flow not to be too hard on myself. When I feel overwhelmed, going outside and slowing down helps restore balance and remind me what's most important. When I get free moments, I like to enjoy simple things around my house like laying in fresh sheets, drinking tea in my yard or planning a special meal to cook.

What is something you’ve learned from your mother?

My mother taught me how to cook a perfect pot of beans.

How does Harmony inspire you, and how do you want to inspire him?

Harmony inspires me to stay creative personally and to build a beautiful environment for us both to explore little projects we want to work on. I hope to nurture creativity in him and inspire him to bring to life any ideas he has.

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What’s the last thing you read, watched, listened to?

I've been slowly reading the book Braiding Sweetgrass whenever I find time. Halfway through reading it, I learned my husband's grandfather has origins in the Potawatomitribe; who the book is written about.

We just finished Pam & Tommy. And we've been listening to a lot of spring inspired jazz & Rosalía around the house lately.

How are you spending your first Mother’s Day this year?

Hopefully with a long breakfast and ending up at the beach!

What’s your favorite piece from the Spring collection?

I really loved the black and white gingham overalls. I felt like I could move freely in them and can tell they'll break in nicely over time.

Basics or statement pieces?

Even though most days I'm in some variation of a vintage work pant and white tank, I do love how statement pieces make me feel. I end up weaving some sort of statement into my day to day outfits, it's more fun that way!

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