How Sustainable Snapback NetPlus® Brims Make An Impact

Cleaning the ocean one hat at a time.
How Sustainable Snapback NetPlus® Brims Make An Impact

Introducing the latest Sustainable Snapbacks collection. Offered in a variety of shapes and functional materials, we build our snapbacks with NetPlus® brims – a high-quality product made from recycled fishing nets.

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From Fishing Nets to Hats
Fishing Nets to Hat Brims

NetPlus® is sourced from discarded fishing nets and transformed into plastic pellets to create our hat brims, all to help prevent harmful plastic pollution from lingering in the our oceans.


Every year, discarded fishing nets make up an estimated 10% of plastic in the ocean, and have been found to be four times more harmful than all other forms of plastic pollution.

How It Works

The nets are cleaned, shredded and melted into recycled pellets. Those pellets are then formed into hat brims, and used in our hats.

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