Brixton E-Gift Card


Give the gift of timeless style with a Brixton Gift Card. Sent directly to your email, they’re fast and easy and best of all, you’ll never need to worry about picking the right size or color. For online use only.

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    Gift Card FAQ's

    What are Brixton gift cards?

    Brixton gift cards are digital or physical cards that customers can purchase and use to shop for products available on our website.

    How can I purchase Brixton gift cards?

    Customers can easily purchase Brixton gift cards directly from our website. They can choose the desired value (up to $500) and complete the purchase just like any other product.

    Can I personalize Brixton gift cards?

    Not at this moment.

    What is the refund policy for Brixton gift cards?

    Brixton gift cards are typically non-refundable. Once purchased, the value of the gift card cannot be refunded or exchanged for cash.

    Do Brixton gift cards expire?

    No, the Brixton gift cards do not expire.

    How do I redeem Brixton gift cards?

    Redeeming Brixton gift cards is easy! Simply enter the gift card code during the checkout process on our website to apply the card's value to your purchase.

    Can I use Brixton gift cards for both online and in-store purchases?

    Not at this moment. Brixton gift cards purchased online can only be used online. We do offer physical gift cards in stores which can be used in stores only.

    Is there a way to check the balance of my Brixton gift card?

    AnswerYes, customers can easily check their Brixton gift card balance through a link provided on our website. Simply enter the gift card code to view the remaining balance. Alternatively, you may contact Support for this information.

    Are there limits to how many Brixton gift cards I can purchase?

    As of now, there is a set limit of 10 Brixton gift cards a customer can purchase in a single transaction.

    Can I buy gift cards for someone else?

    Yes, once you purchase, you can share the link, add to Apple Wallet, and/or print out the gift card for gifting purposes.

    Can a gift card be used to pay for shipping and taxes?

    Yes, gift cards are applied to the final order total which includes shipping and taxes.

    Can a gift card be used to buy a gift card?

    No, you can't use a gift card to buy another gift card.

    Can more than one gift card be used towards a purchase?

    Yes. A customer can redeem another gift card during checkout.

    Can a gift card be used more than once?

    Yes, provided there is still a balance remaining on the card.

    Can gift cards be used in conjunction with a discount code?

    Yes, gift cards are a form of payment.