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Natalie Oversized Pom Beret
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Audrey Beret
Carmel/Teal Ombre
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Women's Berets

Classic meets modern in our stunning range of chic women’s berets. Browse our online collection for the perfect French beret hats to bring a new level of sophistication to your wardrobe.

Beret hats were first worn as military headwear by French soldiers and later gained popularity during the First World War. It didn’t take long for the appeal of a lightweight, elegant hat for women to become sought-after too and so berets for women became fashionable and have remained so to this day.

Today, classic French and drawstring berets have become staples of stylish apparel even though they don’t offer much sun protection. Mostly worn in winter and fall, a select few beret styles have made it into summer fashion trends, with some unique straw and nautical-themed berets even being worn at the beach. 

Whatever your outfit choice, there’s bound to be a beret to match it. For a casual look opt for Audrey II Beret in Fuzzy Black. Oozing Parisian elegance, the Audrey beret is the ideal addition to bring a little sophistication to a relaxed everyday outfit. If you prefer something bolder our Audrey Beret in Leopard is an undeniable classic that works well with just about any outfit but looks especially great with a white long-sleeve blouse and straight-leg pants. 

And for the ultimate winter beret to keep you warm and toasty, don’t miss our stunning Natalie Oversized Pom Beret. Made with a polyester-wool material blend, the beret doesn’t just keep your head warm, it also acts as a water repellent for misty days making it the ultimate winter accessory.

Berets for men and women are classic accessories that have stood the test of time and outlasted every change in trends thus far. Shop our selection of chic, stylish berets to add a paragon of fashion and elegance to your wardrobe today.