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Order Placement

How do I place an order through the Brixton website?

To select items for an order, choose the color, size and quantity and add to your shopping cart. If the desired color or size is unable to be selected, this indicates the item in the desired color and size is out of stock. Once you have selected the items for order, click through to your cart to complete the checkout process.


- What happens if my item is out of stock?

If an item(s) selected on your order is out of stock, a notification will be sent to the email address provided and a refund will be made to your original form of payment. At this time, we are unable to make substitutes for out of stock items in your order.

Please note: Order Confirmation emails are automated emails that are sent prior to contacting you about an Out of Stock item.

- Does Brixton restock products and/or can I be notified if an item restocks?

Many Brixton products are limited edition and will not restock after quantities run out on our website. We do our best to provide a broad variety of options for our customers. Therefore, while some of our styles in apparel, headwear and accessories will carry over from season to season, they may come in different colors or fabrics.

We do offer restocking email notifications for out of stock products, but there is no guarantee that out of stock products will be restocked.


- If the Brixton product that I want is not available on the website, where can I find it?

If a product is out of stock or not available on our website, check out our "Find a Store" tab to locate online stores or physical shops near you that carry Brixton products. At this time, we do not have specific information regarding the inventory of our retailers. To inquire about a specific product, contact the shop directly using the contact information provided.



- How do I determine my hat size?

Headwear Size Chart

All of Brixton’s Men's and Women's caps, brimmed hats and fedoras are sized based upon the measurements indicated below.

Please note that the fit of each hat may vary slightly due to hat style, materials, brim stiffness, etc. There is no “correct” fit or way to wear our hats. Each individual will have a unique size and shaped head and we offer a range of sizes & styles to accommodate this.

SizeStandard Hat SizingCentimetersInches

At this time, Brixton does not sell hat resizers, nor do we offer any hat customization.

Read more about Brixton Sizing, Fit & Care

- My hat doesn’t fit quite right, what do I do?

Brixton will happily accommodate an exchange if your item does not fit as expected as long as it is in like-new condition. Please see our Customer Service page for further information.

If you are in-between sizes, we suggest locating a local hat shop to inquire about adjustments. For hats that are slightly too large, you can also find hat resizers online for purchase. Brixton does not sell hat resizers directly, nor do we offer any hat customization.


- How do I determine my size in Brixton apparel?

For Men's sizing on all Tops, Tees and Jackets please refer to the measurements below:

Men's Tops (Inches)

Tops Size Chart

Extra-Small 30" 24"
Small 32"-34" 26"-28"
Medium 36"-38" 30"-32"
Large 40"-42" 34"-36"
Extra-Large 44"-46" 38"-40"
XX-Large 48" 42"

Men's Bottoms (Inches)

Bottoms Size Chart

Please Note: Short and trunk length varies by style

Waist Hip Pant Length Size
28" 35" 30" Small
30" 37" 30" Small
31" 38" 32" Medium
32" 39" 32" Medium
33" 40" 32" Large
34" 41" 32" Large
36" 43" 33" Extra-Large
38" 45" 33" Extra-Large

Hat Care

- How do I store/care for my Brixton hat?

To keep your Brixton hat in optimal condition and prevent fading, store woven, felt and straw headwear out of direct sunlight (fading will occur if colored felt is exposed to sunlight over time). Stuff the crown of your hat with tissue paper to keep the brim supported when storing over a long period of time.

Some hat brims may bend or warp if not hung up or kept on a flat surface. Felt and straw hats can be re-shaped using steam, however we suggest locating a professional to assist you before trying this at home.

Spot clean your hat with a cloth, dampened with warm water if it becomes soiled. Please do not use any harsh, cleaning chemicals as this may damage the original quality of the hat. Allow to air dry by placing it in an open space. Please do not dry hats by putting in the dryer or using high heat, as this may also damage the quality of the hat.

We do not recommend dry cleaning your hat as some interlinings and brims may become distorted.

Brixton will not be held responsible for replacing hats that are damaged by water, sunlight, soiling or other wear & tear issues caused by the owner. If your hat arrives damaged or defective, please reference our Damages policy for more information on how to proceed.

Damaged & Defective Items

- What do I do if my item arrives damaged?

Customer service will gladly assist you with returning or exchanging any item purchased on the Brixton website if it arrives damaged or defective (inventory limitations may apply).

We may require you to send images of the damage or further information. In some cases, we may request that you return the defective product to us before a replacement is sent out to you. Replacements will be provided at the discretion of Brixton.

For damaged or defective items purchased through one of our retailers, please contact the retailer directly.

Gift Options

- Does Brixton offer gift options?

At this time, Brixton does not offer gift options for online orders. Packages will be shipped with packing slip (no pricing) and a return form for all orders.

Sticker Requests

- How do I get free Brixton stickers?

For free Brixton stickers within the United States, please send a self-addressed envelope, including postage, to the address below:

Brixton Attn: Stickers
3821 Ocean Ranch Blvd.
Oceanside, CA 92056

Wholesale Accounts

- I would like to sell Brixton products, how do I set up a wholesale account?

For all wholesale inquiries, please email [email protected] and include the following information:

-Name of Shop
-Website and/ or photos
-Physical street address
-Phone number
-Brands carried in your shop
-Years in Business

Sponsorship & Collaboration

- I would like to inquire about a sponsorship or collaboration opportunity with Brixton, who should I contact?

For all sponsorship and collaboration inquiries, please email [email protected].


Brixton is committed to improving the accessibility of our websites and electronic communications. Working with a retained accessibility consultant, Brixton is striving for the highest level of accessibility for people with disabilities.

Over time we will be implementing relevant portions of the Section 508 Web Accessibility Standards developed by the United States Access Board, as well as the World Wide Web Consortium's (W3C) Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 2.0. With our consultant’s assistance, we will test our materials with assistive technology such as screen readers and screen magnifiers, and with users with disabilities who use these technologies. These processes will promote accessibility for everyone, regardless of disability or device used to access information on our websites and electronic communications.

Below are some of the steps we are or will be taking to ensure the accessibility of our online materials.

  • All images will contain appropriate alternative text
  • Form elements will be properly labeled
  • Data tables will contain headers where appropriate
  • Headings will be used throughout the site
  • Multimedia (video or audio clips) will be captioned and/or described
  • All areas of the website will be operable without the use of a mouse
  • Foreground/background color schemes will provide adequate contrast
  • Information will not be conveyed through the use of color alone
  • Links will be worded to make sense when read out of context
  • A method will be provided to bypass repetitive navigational links
  • Text will be resizable in all browsers

Please be aware that our efforts are ongoing; as a result, there may be areas of our sites that are less accessible than others during a given period of time.