Brixton Photo Feature: The One Moto Show

  • February 18, 2013

Last week we took a trip up to Portland, Oregon for The One Motorcycle Show. We checked out the local sights, chased a few waterfalls, caught an Om show at Doug Fir, and also checked out Jared Johnson’s (Holiday Customs) shop.

Jared had won the “Barn Beauty” award at this years show with his unmistakable XS 650 and seems like he’s got a good thing going on in Portland. He grew up riding motorcycles, and watched his father build bikes in the garage, so it was natural for him to carry on the trade. In his North Portland warehouse space, he’s surrounded by like-minded bike wrenchers and is among the budding community of bike builders around PDX. Keep on the look out for him this summer at Born Free in Southern California and contact him if you’re interested in purchasing any of his creations.

MAKERS Part 3: Holiday Customs from Shwood Eyewear on Vimeo.

Jared (left, 2010) and his Dad (right, 1969) pictured in the same driveway of Jared’s grandmother’s house Torrance, CA.

Multnomah Falls.

Oneonta Gorge.

Om at Doug Fir.

Photos by Jason Lee.