Brixton Wednesdays On Wax (and Cassette): Luv Machine & Christian Bland

  • February 6, 2013

This week we picked up a 2006 reissue of Luv Machine’s first and only album along with Christian Bland & The Revelators’ 2nd release. Enjoy!

Luv MachineTurns You On

Hailing from New Zealand, Luv Machine is another classic story of a great band struggling with promotion and marketing, a very common issue with many groups of that time. This record hits the ground running with the opening track “Witches Wand” and keeps the pace throughout the album. Luv Machine took influence by all the greats of that era but managed to create a very unique sound.. Check out a couple of our favorite tracks:

“Witches Wand”
[audio:|titles=Witches Wand|artists=Luv Machine]

“You’re Surprised”
[audio:|titles=Youre Surprised|artists=Luv Machine]

Christian Bland & The RevelatorsPig Boat Blues

Christian Bland’s day job is guitar duty for The Black Angels, but both of his solo albums have proved to be musical and lyrical successes, at least to us. Full of reverb and catchy 60s-psych arrangements, Pig Boat Blues is a great follow up to his first album The Lost Tapes. Click the players below to see what for yourself.

“Panic Panic”
[audio:|titles=Panic Panic|artists=Christian Bland and the Revelators]

[audio:|titles=Lara|artists=Christian Bland and the Revelators]